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Soaking enzyme for sheepskin 
Chemical & Physical Data:
Appearance:beige powder
pH:6.0-8.0 (1%)
1.DOWELLZYM S2 is a soaking enzyme especially prepared for sheep skin and goat skin. It accelerates soaking and removes interfibrillar protein materials and epidermis, helps to degrease and loosen fibre. It promotes penetration of chemicals used in soaking and liming process thus improves the softness, fullness and flexibility of leather.
2.DOWELLZYM S2 has moderate action on delicate fibers and does not cause excessive loss of fibers. It can be used in the soaking process of grain leather and fur to replace surfactant and other soaking auxiliaries.
3.It is suggested to use DOWELLZYM S2 in combine with DOWELLZYM LS and  DOWELLZYM OS for lime-free clean technology process. There is no need for pickling the skins prior to degreasing or using solvents such as kerosene in degreasing process to reduce the grease content. It is possible to eliminate use of lime completely, shorten the processing time, and improve the tear strength of leather by using DOWELLZYM S2.
4.DOWELLZYM S2 combined with DOWELLZYM LS and DOWELLZYM OS will help to achieve low carbon foot print requirement in lime-free clean technology process. 
1.DOWELLZYM S2 can be used in a wide range of pH. It has the optimum activity at pH range 6.5 to 12 .0. It can be used in soaking process of grain and fur leathers. Even for low quality raw skins with putrefaction damages and hair/ Fur slips, DOWELLZYM S2 can be used without aggravating skin fiber loss or damage.
2.DOWELLZYM S2 will not damage fiber when used on rotten and low quality raw hides and skins
3.The dosage of DOWELLZYM S2 depends on condition of raw hides and skins and the using conditions.
Dry-salted skin: 1 %-1.5% (based on dry-salted weight)
  Wet-salted skins/fresh skin: 0.8 %-1.2% (based on wet-salted skin/fresh skin weight)
 Sheep fur: 2-3 g/L
DOWELLZYM S2 has good effect when the temperature is above 18℃. Higher the temperature, better the effect will be. It has very good soaking effect at temperature between 20-28℃. It has good enzyme activity at pH between 6.5 and 12, especially 8-10.
Application examples:
Pre-soakingwater300~50022Stop 55’ and run 5’, total of 2 hours
Soaking water300~50022-28 
Sodium carbonate0.7 
DOWELLZYM S20.1 run 30 ‘
check pH: 8.5~9.0
Sodium carbonate0-0.5 
bactericide0.2Run 60’, and then 2’/30’, O/N, pH:8.5
Enzyme is a kind of protein, contact may cause anaphylactic reaction; avoid breathing dust and contact with skin. If splashed into eyesimmediately wash with plenty of water. 
25kg double-deck plastic bag
This product has a shelf life of 1 year if it is stored in its tightly sealed original packaging at temperature below 25℃. Bags should be tightly resealed each time after material is taken out from them, and their contents should be used up as soon as possible after they have been opened. Non-dangerous chemical.



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