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Lipase for fur
Chemical & Physical Data:
Neutral lipase
AppearanceWhite or yellowish powder
pH9-12  (1%)

1.DOWELLZYM FDE has an excellent decomposition action on oil & natural grease, the pH value should be in the range is 6.0 to 11.0 and the optimal pH value is 7.0-9.0, temperature 15-55 ℃ makes little effect. Higher dosage and longer running time will result better degreasing effect.
2.Appropriate concentration of calcium ion has a synergetic effect on the activity of DOWELLZYM FDE and can increase the degreasing effect. 
3.DOWELLZYM FDE is a suitable product for biological degreasing in clean technology production process. DOWELLZYM FDE is not only be used instead of surface active agents, but also reduce the dosage of degreasing agents to achieve satisfactory degreasing effect.
1.DOWELLZYM FDE can be used in soaking, degreasing and neutral bating of fur. Since it is based on special kind of lipase, increase in the dosage will not cause any damage to the skin. The dosage of DOWELLZYM FDE mainly depends on the amount of grease content in raw skins. The dosage for high levels of the grease containing raw skins should be more, greater the dosage, better the degreasing will be. Recommended dose is 1-5 g/L. 
2.Duration of treatment time with DOWELLZYM FDE should be as long as possible for longer time. This will not only ensure the maximum degreasing effect, but also reduce the quantity of the enzyme dosage to the minimum.
Avoid breathing dust and contact with skin, excessive contact may cause anaphylactic reaction. If splashed into eyesimmediately wash with plenty of water. 
25kg double-deck plastic bag 
This product has a shelf life of 1 year if it is stored in its tightly sealed original packaging at temperature below 25℃. Bags should be tightly resealed each time after material is taken from them, and their contents should be used up as soon as possible after they have been opened. Direct contact with this product may irritate skin and mucous membranerinse with running water if contacted with skin. Non-dangerous chemical.

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