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DOWELLER Driver 5510

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DOWELLER Driver 5510 
Non-ionic penetrating agent 
Chemical & Physical Data:
Appearance:     transparent liquid
Solid content:     14-16%
Charge:         nonionic
    DOWELLER Driver 5510 is a composite auxiliary of nonionic surfactant, with an excellent permeability. It is very suit for improving the penetration and levelling of binders or dyestuffs. Especially, we can use it in impregnation or spraying dyestuffs process. It’s better than solvent penetrator that it won’t make any damage to the grain.
1.We can use Driver 5510 for spraying dyestuffs, it can help to gain a better penetration, leveling and won’t burn the grain like others.
2.It is especially suit for impregnation to make the binders penetration very well and more even.
3.It can be also used in the color coat to improve the permeability of the finishing products and no harmful for the coat.
120L plastic drums
1 year storage in sealed original package at 5-35℃., keep from frost and insolating. Non-dangerous chemicals.

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