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Unhairing / fibre-dispersing agent 
Chemical & Physical Data:
A mixture of unhairing agent and special auxiliary
Appearance:White to yellowish powder 
pH:5-7  (1%)

1.DOWELLON UHB has good unhairing and fibre open up capability, it can replace certain amount of sulphide to loosen hair-root, remove hair and epidermis in liming process.
2.DOWELLON UHB reduces the lime swelling significantly, gives particularly smooth limed pelt and minimize the growth marks, wrinkles in neck and belly area of the skin.
3.DOWELLON UHB helps to open up fibre collagen and imparts final leather with better softness and fullness, DOWELLON UHB also improves area yield. 
4.DOWELLON UHB is an environmental friendly product, which does not release sulphide to environment.
DOWELLON UHB has good unhairing effect at pH range from 10-13, DOWELLON UHB can be used in traditional hair burning and hair saving unhairing system with reduced sulphide usage, it can also be used in environmental friendly unhairing system in combined with DOWELLON UHE,DOWELLON UHA and DOWELLON OPF , which is free of sulphide and lime. 
In traditional hair burning system, 0.5%-1.0% DOWELLON UHB can be used together 0.5-1.0% sulphide to remove the hair completely.
In hair saving system, add 0.5%-1.0% DOWELLON UHB together with 1%-2% lime, the hair-trunk is immunized by the lime as the pH value increase, and at the same time, DOWELLON UHB penetrate into hair follicle , loosen the hair root and remove the hair trunk completely.
In environmental friendly system, the hides are pre treated with 0.3%-0.6% unhairing enzyme DOWELLON UHE for 1-2 hours time, followed by 1%-2% DOWELLON UHA and 0.5%-1.0% DOWELLON UHB, add 1.5%-2.5% sodium hydroxide and 0.5%-1.0% DOWELLON OPF as the next step to achieve satisfactory result in unhairing and open up of fibre collagen. 
120L plastic drums
1 year storage in sealed original package at 5-35℃.Bags should be tightly resealed each time material is taken from them, and their contents should be used up as soon as possible after they have been opened. Directly contact with this product may irritate skin and mucous membrane,rinse with running water when contact with skin. This product is a reductive chemical; avoid contact with basic and oxidizing materials.

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