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Acid protease for fur
Chemical & Physical Data:
Acid protease 
AppearanceWhite powder with a few brown particles 
pH5-7 (1%)

1.DOWELLZYM FB is used in bating fur skins in weak acid conditions. It gently opens up loose structure of the skin and makes them softer, fuller and improves the elasticity thus promote even absorption of tanning materials and more even dying properties.
2.DOWELLZYM FB can be used in pickling process and the pH should be adjusted between pH = 4.0-6.0 and the temperature between 25-35℃.  This can also be used for re-bating of pickled pelts. When using it on tanned leathers the temperature should be maintained below 50℃.
3.When applying in the pickle stage: adjust the pH of the float between pH 4.0-6.0 and DOWELLZYM FB at a concentration of 0.5-2g/L, general bating temperature 25-35℃, if the temperature is too high it may leads to excessive acid hydrolyzing of collagen and damage the skins. The dosage and temperature depends on the type of raw skins and use condition. The batting time can vary from 5-15 hours.
4.In bating of tanned crust: DOWELLZYM FB can improve softness, fullness and uniformity of dyeing. After washing well, adjust the pH of the float between pH= 4.0 -6.0, and add DOWELLZYM FB at a concentration between1.5-4.0 g/L and  the temperature below 50 ℃ and the time could be between 5 to 15 hours. It is advisable to carry out pre trials to determine most suitable conditions; dosage and time required prior to run a bulk trial.
Avoid breathing dust and contact with skin, excessive contact may cause anaphylactic reaction. If splashed into eyesimmediately wash with plenty of water. 
25kg double-deck plastic bag
This product has a shelf life of 1 year if it is stored in its tightly sealed original packaging at temperature below 25℃. Bags should be tightly resealed each time after material is taken from them, and their contents should be used up as soon as possible after they have been opened. Direct contact with this product may irritate skin and mucous membranerinse with running water if contacted with skin. Non-dangerous chemical.

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