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Multifunctional auxiliary 
Chemical & Physical Data:
Mixture of inorganic polymer and special auxiliary
Appearance:White powder 
DOWELLATOL DCA has excellent ability of dispersing natural grease and removing metal irons such as iron and calcium ions. It greatly enhances the solubility and suspension stability of lime in liming process. It is used to prevent formation lime blast and iron spots. It can be used in a wide range of pH.
1.DOWELLATOL DCA promotes dispersing of natural fat and dirt in soaking process and gets rapid and even soaking effect. It reduces the blood stains. It is suggested to use 0.2%-0.5% DOWELLATOL DCA in soaking process. 
2.DOWELLATOL DCA enhances the dispersion and emulsification of natural fat when used in degreasing process. It is suggested to use 0.3%-1.0% DOWELLATOL  DCA in degreasing process.
3.DOWELLATOL DCA enhances the solubility and suspension stability of lime, dispersion of calcium soap thus helps to dye more evenly. It is suggested to use 0.2%-0.5% DOWELLATOL DCA in liming process. It is suggested to use DOWELLATOL DCA at the beginning of liming process or at the end of liming process during washing stage before unloading, or during washing before de-liming.
4.DOWELLATOL DCA is recommended to use prior to vegetable tanning and dyeing process. Use of DOWELLATOL DCA  in  pretreatment of water before fatliquoring reduces the  iron and calcium ions in the float. It improves the levelness of dyeing and dispersion of fatliquors. It is suggested to add 0.5%-1% DCA and run for 10-20min before adding dyestuff or tanning agents.
5.DOWELLATOL DCA must be diluted in water before added into drums.
25kg double-deck plastic bag
1 year storage in sealed original package at 5-35℃. Bags should be tightly resealed each time after material is taken out from the bag and their contents should be used up as soon as possible after they have been opened. Non-dangerous chemical.

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